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A.I. Is Everywhere

A.I. Is Everywhere

| August 07, 2023
"A.I." seems to be everywhere lately. Mentioned by CEOs multiple times during second-quarter conference calls. Cited in strike negotiations by Hollywood actors. Posted on social media as a tool to turn yourself into Barbie or Ken. 
Some believe that Artificial Intelligence has the potential to reshape industries, automate processes, and improve efficiency, resulting in ongoing cost savings for companies. Optimism abounds, and companies and investors are hoping for a positive influence on the financial markets.1   But in truth, it may be too early to tell. 
While the impact and potential benefit of A.I. continues to develop, it is crucial to approach this trend with a discerning eye. It's likely that some companies benefit from the new developments while others will struggle to adopt the latest tools. 
We are monitoring the market in light of this ongoing interest. If you see any A.I. development and want to discuss it, please don't hesitate to reach out


Photo by Tara Winstead